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Club Cuddly
I joined the club 18 months ago after not leaving the house for 2 years! Everyone is so friendly ~ I can honestly say that many of the CC members are some of my nearest and dearest friends :)
A fantastic social group where everyone treats each other as an equal!!
No inhibitions ~ No one is judged~~

by boobaby
I think it's a lovely club, having been on both the social side and the adult side of this club, it's fun, adventurous and eye opening! you learn to appreciate yourself because you are surrounded by others around you who have been through the same changes, or who appreciate you for who you are! <3
by Qreus - Miss K
We've met some lovely people also and have been presented with a range of options for us, as a couple, to explore. Some we have embraced and some are too advanced at this stage. I appreciate the admin of the club and lovely people like Amber - you get a special mention because you are one of the gem members. ID Bob-n-Bette
by B2 {Bob} n Bette
I joined CC about 6 1/2 years ago and never looked back. I now have wonderful friends, parties and events and fun times to look forward to each month and feel accepted for me. I'm sure CC can give that to you also. Come and give us a try!
by Tesh
This is a great club where you will find new forever friends. I like all the social activities that are organised. No matter what your size, everyone is accepted.
by Amber
Ive meet some amazing new friends here. Everyone seems friendly and accepting of each other. Great place to just have a laugh.
by spanxy aka tish
A great site to meet
Girls that are sweet
Guys are great
No matter what your weight !!!!
Real friends you will find
Speak your mind
Have a laugh or two
It's all up to you. !!!

by Bigtits [gayle]
Lovely bunch of guys and gals, I haven't been to any events in so long now I doubt any of them remember me.
by Matthew Hutchins
Great bunch of nice fun people
by Grinch
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Club Cuddly is an Australia-wide group. where big girls rock open to couples and singles who are big or enjoy the company of larger people we do have social and adult events

Club Cuddly is about fostering and encouraging positive healthy awareness and knowledge that you are gorgeous and sexy regardless of size. Its about knowing you are admired for your personality, your shape and gives you permission to be your full potential Members get together on and off line, share shopping, cuppas, meals and form friendships that change your personal outlook of you and your body.
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